Culture, Values, And Cultural Awareness On Greece

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Cultural Awareness on Greece
Greece is a small country which is located in Europe and borders the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Ionian Sea. According to Economou (2010), the population of Greece was estimated around 11 million in 2008 and is facing a decline. The culture of Greece is unique and vibrant in its own way because its heritage reflects its national identity so well. Greek culture manifests the social, political as well as economic spheres of its society. It is important to examine specific elements such as values, beliefs, and perceptions that are enrooted in Greek society. The study sets to bring out important tenets that create awareness about the culture of the Greece.
On language issues, the vast population of Greece speaks Greek which is their official language. Greek, therefore, is the means of communication used in official business as well as the primary vehicle of communication. Some section of communities in Greece use other languages such as Russian, Bulgarian and Albanian, which are common among the minority groups in Greece (Martha & Kotsaki, 2014). In towns, there are significant numbers of people who speak English as their second language.
Christianity is the central religious belief observed by the majority of Greeks. In fact, approximately 98 percent of Greek citizens belong to orthodox Christians while around one percent of the population belongs to other religions (Salvendy, 2012). There are also a few people who belong

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