Culture War By Morris Fiorina

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In the book, Culture War?, by Morris Fiorina, the myth of a polarized America is exposed. Fiorina covers issues such as why Americans believe that America is polarized, that Red and Blue State people aren’t as different as they are made out to be, and that the United States is not polarized along traditional cleavage lines. This book even covers perspectives on abortion, homosexuality, and whether or not electoral cleavages have shifted. A large point of Fiorina’s is his take on the 2004 election. He ends the book with, how did our great nation get to this position of proclaimed polarization, and how do we improve from here?
In chapter 1, Morris Fiorina begins the book by describing the fiery dispute between Pat Buchanan and George H. W. Bush. He segues these two politicians battling it out in strong disagreement into the cultural war in America. Fiorina refers to culture war as a displacement of the traditional economic conflictions that brought to life the twentieth century politics in the advanced democracies by newly emergent moral and religious ones (Fiorina, 2). Fiorina goes on to express how the journalistic community fell in love with the idea of cultural war. Having disagreement, division, polarization and rivalries at the tip of their fingers are perfect for news coverage. Heated discussions are much more appealing to the public than watching two politicians boringly come to a consensus. A journalist wrote about the disputes as, “The real emotional splits in the

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