Curiosity And Discovery Has Always Fueled My Ambition

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Curiosity and discovery has always fueled my ambition in life. I have always had the eagerness to learn and participate in brand new experiences. Since I was a child, I happily attended school everyday, involved myself in an array of extracurricular activities, from music to tae kwon do, and always sought to inquire about anything I did not comprehend. Due to my chronic curiosity, I’ve had questions about phenomena I witnessed and didn’t understand, patterns in nature, and how mechanisms worked. I was always very interested in people and behavior. I found myself analyzing displays of behavior in people and noticing how they would act when certain factors were present. As I matured, I grew more interested in the role genetics had in behavior and mental illness, something I grew to be very passionate about. I have always wondered the ways in which genetics and DNA could determine the formation of these illnesses and how some are thought to be hereditary, like schizophrenia. However, what interested me the most was how these diseases seem to work their way from the inside and how they may not make themselves exactly obvious. To explore my medical interests, I started volunteering at a local hospital where I worked in the West wing, which encompassed randomized patients, mostly of older age, but with a variety of differing complications. One Saturday, I was told to file and keep a close eye on a new patient, who had been located in the room closest to the front desk. A youthful

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