Essay about Curious, Not Nosy: A Soldier´s Welcome Home

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It was during Christmas time in New York when a plane landed at the airport with a special package. Many families anxiously waited for this moment since the day the packages left; they were absolutely ready to receive their packages again with open arms. Once they laid eyes on their special packages, tears of joy flowed and embraces quickly followed. These families have waited and finally saw their beloved relatives come back home from serving in the armed forces. Everything was perfect in the eyes of all the families at the airport. After the soldiers came home, the citizens of New York held many special celebrations because of the return of the soldiers. They thanked them for their service through banners, celebrations, ceremonies,…show more content…
After Shucks hung up the phone, he pointed his finger at me and motioned for me to come to him. I walked over and he told me, “Never answer the phone again. Don’t even think about it. My hands are the only ones that touch this phone. I’m the only one that picks up the phone and answers the call. If I need you, I will call you. Otherwise, do not touch the phone. Hear me?” “Yes, sir,” I answered with a quivering voice. “What’s your name, rookie?” “Collin, Collin Trite” “Alright, Collin, since you picked up the phone, you have to come with me to figure out this case I just got.” We made our way to the car and drove towards the end of the city, where all the restaurants were located. The snow was falling and everyone who walked on the sidewalk had something to carry, whether it was bags of toys for Christmas, or a suitcase after coming home from work. The sidewalks were cluttered with people and it was cluttered even more near the restaurants. The restaurants had banners or signs that welcomed the soldiers back home and they also had special discounts and offers for the soldiers. Then I saw a few police cars and ambulances outside of one popular restaurant, Middle East World Cuisine. I was confused. Why would law enforcements and emergency ambulances be here? Apparently, I showed a puzzled face because Shucks said, “The place was packed with families since it opened at 5. When it came their time for dessert, certain people fainted right after swallowing the first
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