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Curled Metal Inc – Engineered Product Division

Cumberland Metal Industries (CMI) was a company which sold metal as raw material in other products. After the company had developed the product – Slip Seal that could meet the demanding specification of the automakers, it had grown rapidly over the past decade. The sales increased from $750,000 in 1991 to over $55 million in 2007. However, the sales decreased from 61 million in 2006 to 55 million in 2007, a net decrease of 9.5%, the net profit decreased from 5.7 million in 2006 to 3.5 million in 2007, a net decrease of 38.7%. The company was under the pressure to diversity its products in order to increase the sales and the net profit. CMI had developed new product, curled metal …show more content…

Independent pile-driving contracts represented "the frontline buying influence." They were knowledgeable, but not sophisticated.

CMI was first manufacturer for CM pads, there was no direct competition and no available selling price in the market that CMI can take reference to. In view of that, CMI could use two test results of Kendrick and Corey to determine the economic value of CM pads. According to the Appendix I, the average economic value of CMI pad was 3,304. This value had taken into account of less CM pads required per job and the cost saving in equipment and labor . But the value to the customer should be higher due to some intangible advantage, for examples, lower accident claim as fewer set changes required for CM pads. Besides, lower health claim as CM pad contained non-toxic material. In order to gain the market share for this new product, we would recommend CMI to set the price of CMI pad around 85% of economic value, saying 2,805, promote to the market that it was much cheaper to use CM pads with superior performance and cost efficiency. Besides, different discounts can be granted to the customers depend on the length of the contracts signed and volume of the pads purchased, ranging from 10% to 25%.

Market strategy
CMI could position CM pads as new industry standard, while emphasis on cost efficiency with superior performance. It should demonstrate to the market that CM pads had several

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