Current Event : Child Abuse Prevention

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Current Event – Child Abuse Prevention in Idaho
On April 9th, 2015, the Boise, Idaho law enforcement agency, students, and social workers joined in alliance with a total of 200 people kicking off the introduction to the Child Abuse Prevention Month on the Capitol steps in Boise. The Nampa Family Justice Center hosted their first annual child abuse prevention march. The march began at the Caldwell police station and proceeded to the courthouse where participants planted a garden of blue pinwheels, which is a symbol of child abuse prevention. Child abuse is a common but serious event throughout state, as it is throughout the United States as well. The event was expressed by many as the hot topic of the year, in which members who participated struggled in raising awareness of this painful subject but was recognized as something that needs to be confronted and discussed to prevent the abuse and neglect of children throughout the state (Smith, D. 2015).
One of the program managers of Idaho’s child welfare services, Marian Woods, said there is good news to share, as research shows it is possible to keep children safe; however, this requires the help of everyone in the community to take part, especially in creating and maintaining social connections or resources available to abused and/or neglected children (Smith, D.).
Woods also stated that another critical factor in the protection of children is the solid support for and in behalf of families during times of stress, including,…
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