Current Issue Of Healthcare Information System

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Current Issue in Healthcare Information System Data Management in Healthcare Information System Abstract Managing the performance of a facility data system or patient information is an important, yet challenging process for any manager. The process of monitoring what each employee does, how they are entering patient information, and how the information is used can be a difficult and somewhat challenging. A range of recently published research discussed the problems in many health information management services departments in various facilities and doctors offices. Management in that area is under trained and many feel that when dealing with patient information facilitators need to more aware of issues that are going on instead of sweeping them under the rug. The problem that is occurring at many health care facilities is the management of the health care information department (Medical Records). Many people that are hired in these departments are entry level employees (Data Management Problem Widespread, 2007). The training period is short and supervisors take it lightly on the type of training that is provided for new employees. Some of the problems that have been researched are: (1) information not being charted correctly, (2) paperwork is being lost, (3) employees going into files (which is a HIPPA violation), (4) doctors are not receiving patient information in a timely manner, and (5) system failure (Data Management Problem Widespread, 2007). Introduction The

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