Current Trends in Business Communication

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Current Trends in Business Communication

Current Communication Trends in Business
Technology advancements over the recent years have made communication possible in different ways. Communication in the business world today can range anywhere from e-mails, personal digital assistants, text messaging, instant messaging, and through the use of web-cams, just to name a few. These different communication tools allow employees to communicate both internally and externally in a timely and more efficient manner. The current trends in communication within the healthcare industry make it easier for health care professionals to perform their daily tasks, and provide patients with more quality care.

The Role of Business Communication in My
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All internal communication between different facilities will be done through the use of software or by phone. No patient results will be sent through fax or through mail. According to LexisNexis, “Obama sees the investment in electronic records as a way to improve quality and lower costs.”
Different Message Types Resulting From Current Trends
According to Articlesbase (n.d.), “The different message types that result from these current trends are either personal or impersonal.” The different message types resulting from these current communication trends are in the form of e-mails, text messaging, various software, Internet communication, face-to-face video conferencing, instant messaging, and social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.
The current trends in business communication have been greatly influenced by the advancements in technology. The Internet, cell phones, MP3 players, personal digital assistants, social networking sites, and video conferencing among others, has allowed business communication to take place in many forms and from all over the world with ease. These current trends have made it easier for healthcare professionals to communicate more efficiently internally and externally and allow day-to-day activities to get accomplished more quickly than in the past.

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