Essay on Custom Painting Cars

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The first thing you see when you get into the car, and the last thing you see when you get out. Painting cars is an art, from stock to custom paint there is a lot of possibilities and techniques. Something some people don’t pay attention to and some people its the first thing they look at, and some people make their living by painting cars. In this research paper i will talk about painting and certain various types of custom painting techniques. Painting a car is a good way to make it unique and special to you. When you go to buy a car, whether at a car lot or from someone else you will notice the cars paint job. It may be a solid colour or something a little special and unique. At the surface it may just look like a solid color but in …show more content…

Polishing helps the paint shine and helps it better protect the paint. Never wash a car after painting make sure to buff it and polish before you wash it.

When it comes to custom painting Two Tone is one of the most used. Two tone paint jobs are used on a lot of factory cars but usually separated with moldings. Two tone is where the bottom of the car is one color and the top is another. When doing custom painting you can do more than just two tones you can do three tones or even four tones. Alot of times people separate the colors by a pin strip so that the colors don’t look like to walls of color, the pin strip helps carry your eye without realizing the strip is there.
When you are going to do two tone you must mask off the part you are not painting and spray the color on the first part, this is usually the bottom first. Once what you have sprayed dryer you will mask over it leaving the unsprayed area to view. Then you spray the next color of choice. Once the last layer has dried take the paper off the panel and clear over the whole thing. If you plan to spray a Strip in between you can must do this before clear coating the hole panel. Wood Grain is something that was started a long time ago with wood grain cars. Painting wood grain is a good way to bring back that vintage wood grain look. There are many ways to do wood grain and here are some. One of the most used ways is to spray a brown then your base color over it, take your finger and

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