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How A Car is Made – Ford Mustang

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Phuong Nguyen

The Ford Mustang from Start to Finish

Building a car is no simple task, as shown in this video of how a Ford Mustang is made from start to finish. The process of assembling a car is one that requires a large amount of both human and material resources. This video shows every subassembly, bolt, and piece of metal that is used in creating the resulting product, a Ford Mustang. Even though one part or one …show more content…

The side sections of car have already been stamped and are already ready to be attached. The Mustang must now be checked for any faults that may cause the car to fail under any condition. This is done by lasers that check for correct measurements on holes and welds. Afterwards, the gas cap lid is added. The car then continues
Phuong Nguyen
on its 9 mile journey along the assembly line. The door is then attached by a very precise machine; this process is called “setting the door”. Then the rear deck fixture is attached by another machine and is welded on. The hood, which is added on next, is not made of steel, but rather it is plastic in order to reduce weight of the car, and therefore reduces gas mileage. The cars then arrive at the paint shop. The cars receive a coat called the “E-Coat” which allows paint to be attracted to the car electrostatically and protects it against rust and corrosion as well. The cars are then “clocked”, which is basically sealing any openings on the car. The car is then polished very carefully to prepare for the coat of paint that is applied and chosen electronically on a computer. This allows the paint to have a smooth, even coat, and a consistent texture and color. The clear coat is put on after the paint to make the car look polished and shiny. The car is then baked in three ovens, the final one reaching a temperature of 280 degrees. The “Paint Expert” then checks for the paint is applied

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