Cyber Criminals Are Faceless And Cybercrimes

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Cyber criminals are faceless and cybercrimes are now easier and safer for criminals to troll the internet for unsuspected victims without leaving the comfort of their own home. According to a Police Executive Research Forum report (PERF, 2014), local law enforcement are struggling with responses to cybercrimes; Chief Charles McClelland of the Houston police department told PERF, “unfortunately, we haven’t properly prepared our officers to handle cybercrime calls” (p.20). Cybercrimes are not limited to credit card frauds, scams, human trafficking, or cyber bullying, but also involves attacks on national infrastructures to terrorism plots on a larger scale. The post 911 investigation revealed that the internet played a key role in the attacks, from planning to coordinating to executing the cowardice acts. As a law enforcement organization, we are facing a new breed of criminals-criminals with no faces or names and our task is to bring them to justice. There is a lack of knowledge in the cyber world, which the police culture does not fully comprehend. In order to level the playing field, we must improve IT knowledge through education, commit funding to promulgate cybercrimes units, and collaborate with local, state, and federal agencies to create a team of teams. The internet is largely unregulated, therefore, those who are most familiar with it will dominate the virtual world. There is hope, although cybercrimes are committed via the internet, there is an operator…
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