Cyber Culture And Its Impact On Modern Society

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The rapid change in technology has become such a central topic in our modern society, that it has immensely influenced all mankind and media. Since the immergence of automata to artificial intelligence, there has always been an uncomfortable relationship feeling towards the conflicting concepts of machine dominance and the liberation of humans from mundane labor. Many questions and concerns come to how rapidly it is evolving, and the dangers that may arise as a result of it in the near future. The ‘Cyber cultural society we live in today is shaped by these histories, in such a way that ‘man vs. machine’ has become an abundant theme and concept in entertainment fields and has been the inspiration for many sci-fi Film makers, theorists and writers to depict possible outcomes of future technology, and inform the society/ audience.
Cyber culture surrounding us today, can be seen as a direct product of the histories of the relationship between man and machine. Since the early stages of human revolution, mankind have been finding ways to liberate and ease their lives in their amount of work. From hand tools to water clockwork to steam powered machines, a long history of evolution of machine ties deep knot with mankind who have created them. The birth of Egyptian water clocks in the 13th has been a huge impact on the entire world that has been extremely innovated to adapt to, and be used to our modern day demands. The clock has been invented for humans to estimate their time and…
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