Cyber Security Article Summary

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1.A brief summary of the range, contents, and argument of the article. Despite substantial investments, there are still major security weakness in today’s information systems. Cyber attacks have become more ubiquitous and make the affected organizations lose millions or dozens of millions of dollars. It is obvious that the security of the IT systems is stagnating and possibly degrading. Hence, the author summarizes four anti-patterns that, based on empirical evidence, are particularly common and detrimental to a strong security posture. Also, the article gives suggestion for organizations to overcome those anti-patterns. The four anti-patterns are shown below. First of all, decision …show more content…

Moreover, organizations use knowledge rather than intelligence. This means that organizations rely too much on the relatively static and generic knowledge within products (e.g. virus scanners, vulnerability scanners, intrusion detection systems, application firewall, and so on). The knowledge-based approach is too static and we need to complement it with more adaptable approach based on cyber intelligence. As a result, to overcome this anti-pattern, organizations must decide what cyber intelligence to collect and how to use it. Besides, we also have to know the latest generation of attacks, Advanced Persistent Threat (APTs). APTs target people to trick them into opening malware-infected email attachments or to visit Web pages that exploit browser or plug-in vulnerabilities. For these vulnerabilities, the author demonstrates some strategies and tools against attackers. They are threat awareness, preparedness, and situational awareness. Organizations should follow these cyber intelligence to continuously analyze the strategies and tools that cyber adversaries use; minimize your attack surface; and build situation awareness of the evolving state of attacks and intrusions.

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