Cycle Of Socialization

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A major role in my life is being a daughter and a student. My parents never had an education and basically worked their butts off just to get a decent meal on the table and a roof over our heads. Therefore, they take education very seriously. They want my siblings and I to go to college and become successful. Of course, I would like to grant their wish since they worked so hard for my siblings and me. However, the pressure is way too hard on me especially at a young age. This is a generalized other because Asians have been stereotyped as being smart in math and science. It has been the “cycle” for growing up as Asians. It will be difficult to get out of that stereotyped cycle (also known as cycle of socialization) since it has been around for many years and Asians tend to listen and obey. Because of the cycle of socialization, I cannot be myself but to be classified under these categories: gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, cultural group, ability status, or age. These categories identify who I am right when I am born. As to in the article, “The Cycle of Socialization”, Bobbi Harro (2010) claims, “Our silence is consent” (p. 50), he means since the socialization cycle has been around for hundreds of years, it will continue to go on because it will be difficult to stop the cycle. Silence is negative because I cannot be myself around others and causes me to lose self-esteem. School is stressful, especially when I am Asian because my parents tend to pressure you
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