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CYP 4.1/4.2/4.3 Hearing impairment Signs * limited attention span * daydreaming * slowness of responses * breathing through the mouth * Irritability. Four categories of hearing impairment are generally used: mild, moderate, severe and profound. Some pupils with a significant loss communicate through sign language such as British Sign Language (BSL) instead of, or as well as, speech. Conductive deafness This is when sound cannot pass efficiently through the outer and middle ear to the cochlea and auditory nerve. The most common type of conductive deafness in children is caused by ‘glue ear’. Glue ear (or otitis media) affects about one in five children at any time. Sensori-neural (or nerve) deafness…show more content…
It is a speech disorder which causes problems in the co-ordination and flow of speech. Children may: * Repeat sounds or parts of words, e.g. “mu-mu-mummy” * Stretch sounds, e.g. “I want a sssstory” * Block, e.g. there may be silence as the child tries to speak * Put extra effort into saying their words, e.g. head or facial movements * Give up trying to speak at all It can be quite normal for children between 2 and 5 years of age to hesitate or repeat words and phrases due to the fast rate at which they are learning language. Most children grow out of this but you can help by: * Slowing down your own speech – this will help your child feel less rushed. Modelling a slower speech rate is far more effective than telling a child to slow down, which can increase frustration. * Pause for a second before answering your child or asking a question. This will allow him more time to respond. * Show you are listening to your child’s message, not how he is saying it. * Use short sentences and simple language, similar to the ones your child uses. * Allow your child time to finish what he is saying without interrupting. Changes in your child’s speech will not happen straight away, but if you follow the advice above you can help your child to talk more easily.

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