Active Educator Strategies And / Or Interactions May Be Effective For Helping The Child Develop Responsible And Appropriate Behavior

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5. Explain why each of the following Educator strategies and/or interactions would be effective in helping the child develop responsible and appropriate behaviour?
Educator Strategies and/or Interactions Answer
a. Position yourself at the child’s level to talk to them. Getting down to the child’s level ensures that

you have the child’s full attention and that they are listening to you. It also shows that what you are about to say is important.
b. Use a calm, clear and natural voice. Using a calm, clear and natural voice allows you to be heard and easy to understand. This shows that you are in control and not emotional e.g.
‘angry’. If Educators are loud the children will be loud.
c. Use short, concise sentences. Short, concise sentences/instructions are easy to understand and follow. Makes the expectations clear. Long, wordy explanations will confuse the child and they may stop listening.
d. Tell the child what to do and remind them of expectations. Direct, clear instructions about what to do and

what to say will be much easier for the child to understand and follow. Continually telling children what they are doing wrong will not help them learn the correct or appropriate behaviour.
e. Use ‘I statements’ e.g. ‘I would like you to…’;
‘I feel...’ ‘I’ statements are less threatening for the child. They cannot be interpreted as you ‘picking on’ the child.
f. Use physical as well as verbal cues Particularly

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