Cyp 3.1 3.1 - 3.4

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CYP 3.1 3.1
Assessment Frameworks
The assessment framework is used to determine whether a child is in need and if so the nature of their needs. Once the needs have been established then interventions can be put in place.

These can be carried out formally and informally. Information from observations on a pupil’s progress is passed onto the teacher who will then report it to the parent/carer.

Information observations
These are carried out daily when working with a pupil and overtime a picture can be built of the pupil’s progress and if there are any issues such as unable to draw circles with a compass, not recording homework correctly in the planner. Any observations are fed back to the teacher daily, however they …show more content…

For example a physical disability may affect social skills as they may become withdrawn, their behaviour could change as they become frustrated.
Development could be affect by the attitudes and expectations of others. If we assume that a disabled person cannot achieve or not allowing them to take part we are restricting their development in all areas.
We must not label children due to their disability. It is important we look at their individual need first without focusing on their impairment. We should be realistic about their expectations and modify the curriculum to suit, give them extra support or their own SEN, depending on needs but also encouraging independence as much as possible.

There are different intervention groups and work in order to support pupils who are not progressing at the same rate. This will be advised by senco or other professionals who have links with the school.
Social Worker
A child may start school who is already involved with a social worker due to external factors affecting the child’s development. The school may also contact a social worker if they become concerned about a child and their home environment. Social workers can provide advice to the school about the child’s background in order for the school to understand what support should be given.
Speech and Language Therapist
A speech and language therapist can help develop a child’s language skills. They can

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