Cystax Vs Apocalypse Now

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In the movie “Apocalypse Now,” which is a very unique and special movie. Many people still wonder why this movie is so popular and special in 1979. Which took me awhile to understand, because the quality of the movie like photography and sounds is not as good as it could be, also one thing that bothered me is the fogginess, they kept adding to the background, which it didn’t feel natural and shouldn’t be in the movie. However, let’s not forget when this film was released which is 1979 and if you compare any movies with Apocalypse Now, well you couldn’t compare them. Like I was watching some movie scenes that was made from the 1970’s and they were not near as good, and looked so fake and very unprofessional overall. But Apocalypse …show more content…

Which when I watch the movie Apocalypse Now and Apocalypse Now Redux the movie I prefer Apocalypse Now Redux because they added more action and scenes that really made in impact ,like for example one of my favorite scenes that’s added is , “French Plantation sequence.” This scene that the Captain and the other characters spoke about the war and about their own land that they have been having for 70 years, which is a sad scene, but an inspirational speech, which really touched Captain Benjamin L. Willard heard because these people were not going to give up in their land or leave there land that they have been having for over 70 years. Also at the same time the French people did help bury Tyrone Miller as well, so there are important things they did add in Apocalypse Now Redux. Which even little things like Basically the Captain and the Crew just bonding, which since in this movie the crew is in a war you want to understand the connection with the Captain and Crew. Apocalypse Now Redux we got that extra touch which made us have a stronger bond with other characters in the movie not just the Captain but like for example Tyrone and Jay Hicks. Which they both goofed around and read letters which those little things is added to the movie, but gives a bigger impact in the

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