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Should the Government Proceed with DACA
According to CNN, on September 5, US Attorney General Jefferson Sessions gradually terminated Mr. Obama’s policy of “Dreamers”, which is DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and will be completely terminated in six months. This policy was introduced in 2012 to allow illegal immigrants who, under 16 years old enter the United States to apply for two-year repatriation and to allow them to apply for a work permit. As this policy allows renewal, it essentially allows illegal immigrant children to live permanently in the US. Based on DACA benefits for thousands of children, I think the government should keep DACA because terminating the policy and evading nearly a million young people who come to …show more content…

Do you believe repealing DACA will stop illegal immigrants? Certainly not. At the beginning of the presidential campaign, president Trump caused a lot of controversy and concern about the absurd remarks about “illegal immigrants are drug traffickers and rapists”. This shows that the accumulation of illegal immigrants on the issue has been very serious. At the implementation level, it will lead to a fierce confrontation between a large number of law enforcement personnel and immigrant groups. Terminating DACA, this tough and unwelcome policy does not help to solve problems. It will raise the conflict between the government and people and make the problems more complicated.
I think ending DACA is morally wrong. I believe many people express sympathy for immigrants who have entered America illegally during their childhood because minors are unable to make their own decisions and are unable to leave their families. Therefore, they enter into America with their families is not of their own wishes. Furthermore, their social circles and homes that they grew up in the US are firmly rooted in this country. If these children are repatriated, it will completely subvert their lives; it is the parent’s fault. It seems too cruel. Even if illegal immigrants have always been unwelcome, their children's needs should be not be disregarded. Referring to the case for keeping DACA - the Washington Post, IIya Somin discusses the concern, a recent

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