DNA extraction lab

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DNA Extraction of a Musa acuminata Biology Lab Report \Analyze and Interpret A number of steps are required to isolate DNA from cellular contents. Describe what happens at each step, and why it acts to separate the parts of the cell. /6 There are three specific steps required to isolate DNA from its cellular contents. The steps used to remove and expose DNA from its cell are: breaking down the food type you are using by crushing it, for example a banana or strawberries, exposing the substance to a sodium chloride (NaCl) solution, subjecting the product to detergent solution (dH2O), filtering the solution and lastly, the addition of ethanol. When beginning with a solid substance, such as a banana, crushing the substance allows for…show more content…
Firstly, DNA is constantly trying to coil itself back into its original position, which is a supercoiled polymer. So when the DNA is exposed to a stirring rod in a circular motion the DNA tries to coil itself to the rod. Secondly, another property of DNA, which is the fact that it is polar, causes it to attract to the polar glass rod. These two properties working together allow the DNA to coil around the stirring rod. Conclude and Communicate Based on your procedure and results, how is DNA isolated from plant or animal cells? /4 When looking at DNA extraction, the key steps for isolating DNA from a plant cell or animal cell is to pass through the protective barriers of each cell – whether it is a cell wall and cell membrane or only the cell membrane for an animal cell. In order to extract DNA from a banana, the first step required is to place half of it in a small resealable plastic bag without air bubbles, and then using your fingers mash the banana until no visible chunks. Next, using a graduated cylinder measure 10 mL of the 0.1% NaCl solution, and add it to the bag – mix thoroughly. Then the next step is with a graduated cylinder measure 3 mL of detergent solution (dH2O), add it to the bag and mix gently, so as not to form bubbles. After this, set up a retort stand with the gas tube using a retort clamp, strain the banana mixture through a filter paper, and collect the filtrate in a gas tube for approximately
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