Dachau: The First Nazi Concentration Camp

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13 November 2015
The first Nazi concentration camp was built on March 10th, 1933 in Dachau, Germany (“Dachau.” Britannia School. 2015). The empty munitions factory in Dachau, provided the space and isolation needed for the newly formed concentration camp (“Dachau”. Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, 1990). Dachau, the concentration camp, is located on the outskirts of the small town Dachau, about twelve miles north of Munich, Germany (“Dachau.” Britannia School. 2015). The camp was officially opened on March 22, 1933 and used mainly for political prisoners (Syndor, 2015). Upon arrival to Dachau, prisoners are forced to give up all their belonging as the guards begin interrogating them (Taylor, 2007). Often times, the prisoners are forced to stand attentive for several hours without access …show more content…

Here, they taught soldiers to see the inmates as inferior and to kill them as needed. German doctors conducted cruel test and experiments on prisoners, and when a subject died, they would just be cremated and replaced ((“Dachau”. Encyclopedia of the Holocaust, 1990).
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