Daisy Bates '' The Long Shadow'

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“No man or woman who tries to pursue and ideal in his or her own way is without enemies” stated Daisy Bates. Daisy Bates was a wonderful women and did many wonderful things. She was the head of the Arkansas Branch of the NAACP. She was an incredible journalist and publisher. Also, she played a leading role in the little rock nine. -all wrote a sentence Daisy Bates was born Daisy Lee Gatson in Huttig, Arkansas on November 11, 1914 to John Gatson and Millie Riley. Not long after the birth of Daisy, her mom was abused and murdered by three white men and her dad left her, so she lived with foster parents Orlee and Susie Smith until she was married.- Mikayla Daisy Bates was a journalist and publisher. She wrote the book called The Long Shadow
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