Damien Memorial School Research Paper

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At Damien Memorial School, what makes us different from other schools is that we all act as one big family. The reason why I say this is because when you look at Damien students you see a lot of people from all over the island, the kids at the school bring so much talent and they are so smart. All students from all over came together as one and became friends. Me and my friends come from all over the island such as waipahu, kaneohe, waianae, and nanakuli. All my friends bring something new to the table, we all come from different ethnic groups and different ways we were born and raised. But there is one thing that brings us all together and that is Football, we all play ball and that brings us together as one big family, That part of us helped our team win back to back D2 state championships. Being brothers and getting to know each other and always spending time with each other, made us feel like we are a family, we always told each other whats going on and we always have each others back.

When we play football together we do not care what part of the island you are from, they always got each others back and we never leave no one by themselves, if someone is
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Everyone is not noticed, some people do not even know some students even existed and even went to the same school. The amount of students in each class is a lot, the students wonder during their graduation and think “who is that”. At Damien everyone knows each other, my junior class has about two-hundred students but if you go to a school such as Aiea or Pearl city their class has about six-hundred or more, so students do not know who each person is. If you went to Damien it is a whole different environment, everyone knows each other, everyone gets along, has fun with each other, and everyone is a great big
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