Damned If I Don 't : Women 's Struggle For Gender Equality

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Carrie Westfall Margaretmary Daley WGST 201 April 27, 2015 Damned if I Do, Damned if I Don’t: Women’s Struggle for Gender Equality Inequality between men and women has been occurring since the beginning of time. Over the years, activists for feminism have fought to close the gender gap that has put a setback on all aspects of a woman’s life. From marriage, to work, politics, and even parenting, sexism plays a key role in shaping the lives of those around it. Gender expectations are a cruel part of society that affect many aspects of one’s life forcing them to conform or rebel, both having significant effects on a person. The guidelines for doing gender are often demonstrated throughout texts, revealing the struggles women go through that cause them to fight for both physical and intellectual acceptance in a male-dominated work field, walk a fine line between sanity and insanity when deviating from gender norms, and question their worth in the world. Fighting for acceptance in society is a battle that most women know all too well. From day one, women have always been seen as inferior, and less intelligent than their men counterparts. Not only is this stereotype wrong, it is damaging to the mental and emotional well-being of women. Those women who care enough to break away from this stereotype must go well beyond female expectations to prove that they are equal to men. In Rita Mae Brown’s, Rubyfruit Jungle, a fiery Molly fights the gender norms every chance she

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