Damned If I Don 't : Women 's Struggle For Gender Equality

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Carrie Westfall
Margaretmary Daley
WGST 201
April 27, 2015 Damned if I Do, Damned if I Don’t: Women’s Struggle for Gender Equality

Inequality between men and women has been occurring since the beginning of time. Over the years, activists for feminism have fought to close the gender gap that has put a setback on all aspects of a woman’s life. From marriage, to work, politics, and even parenting, sexism plays a key role in shaping the lives of those around it. Gender expectations are a cruel part of society that affect many aspects of one’s life forcing them to conform or rebel, both having significant effects on a person. The guidelines for doing gender are often demonstrated throughout texts, revealing the struggles women go
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From the time she was little, Molly was always seen as a tomboy because she would hang out with the boys, and hold her own against them, too. Because of this, Molly was always urged to act more lady-like from the adult female figures in her life. This gender policing that she was a victim of her entire life caused Molly to transform when she went to college, adopting a more female persona. One could even go as far as saying that Molly hyper-feminized herself to escape further ridicule of acting like a boy. She got in with the popular crowd, participated on the cheerleading team, and even took on a football player boyfriend despite her attraction to females. This was a setback in Molly’s life because it caused her to conform to the rules of society, rather than breaking away and acting how she wanted. When Molly was a young girl she once said, “A nurse, I wasn’t gonna be no nurse. If I was gonna be something I was gonna be the doctor.” After being told that only boys could be doctors (Brown 21). This example shows the drive in Molly and how she was not going to back down to gender stereotypes. She was willing to fight for her intellectual acceptance. She further demonstrates this motivation when she is working on her senior film project. From the start of her project, she faces prejudice because she is a female. After she could not find a film crew her male professor states, “they won’t take orders from a woman, eh?” to which Molly responded by taking the
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