Dance Application Essay

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Prior to studying business and finance at New York University, I wanted to be a professional ballet dancer. I fell in love with the art form as a freshman in high school when I saw a performance of the Nutcracker. At that moment, I decided to take up ballet. Seven years later than the traditional path I began to study dance, but through tenacity and dedication I was able to gain acceptance to Boston Ballet School’s Pre-Professional Program after a year and a half at a local studio. Nevertheless, I was put in a class with middle school students, most of whom were more talented than me. Though I rarely ever think of ballet as a team activity, as I reflect upon my experience years later, I realize that my classmates and I were truly a team and that I was able to have an impact on them as a leader. Spending everyday together, my class grew very close. Ballet …show more content…

I was soon able to watch my classmates’ self-confidence grow and their dancing abilities flourish. I led my class out of a negative feedback and created a more positive, supportive, and constructive environment where my classmates individually and my class as a whole could succeed. Further, the entire class dynamic improved. My classmates began actively supporting each other and enjoying dancing more than before. This experience greatly informs my leadership style today. I believe that the key to being a leader is helping individuals to recognize and capitalize upon their potential. Individuals often fail to see in themselves what others see. A leader must show team members what they cannot see to enable them to flourish. This is essential to fostering a diverse community, as encouraging individuals’ strengths and differences helps them to express their entire, authentic selves, as opposed to trying to conform to expectations. As a result, teams can become more dynamic, positive, and creative and thus more

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