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Lesson 2 Study Guide
Broadway The American Musical:
At the start of the 20th century, the popular vaudeville shows that crossed the nation became the training ground and inspiration for the birth of the American musical. As the primary location for the professionalization of American performance art, understanding the complicated negotiation of gendered and racial identities on the Broadway stage provides important background to the development of an American identity in concert dance through the rest of the century. As you watch these videos notice how musicals come to represent
American ideals such as abundance, opportunity, pluralism, optimism.

2.1 Give My Regards to Broadway:
2.1.1 Some of the images from the Follies look like the …show more content…

She breaks all the images of American standard of beauty such as being physically pretty. She represents a comedy story by using facial gestures and eyes movevents.
2.1.11 How did World War I change Broadway?
It changed the characteristic of broadway, from blackface to Tin Pan Alley era where most of all the musicians and artists produce their idea in the one building and presents it after.
2.1.12 Show Boat was a marriage of what two traditions?
European operetta and American musical comedy.
2.1.13 Why was Show Boat so influential? In terms of subject matter? In terms of who was included on stage?
Show Boat represent producer's idea of musics, which represents American music.
2.1.14 Based on what you have seen, how was Broadway ‘uniquely American’?
It represented musical theme and comedy which was entertaining to audience. It also displayed of mixed cultural background to represent the arts on the stage, such as black
American culture , Causasion culture (mostly European), and Jewish.

2.2 Syncopated City
“In the ‘20s everyone had permission to visit each other’s land and see what they were doing.” 2.2.1 Alcohol was outlawed during Prohibition, but was not strictly enforced in NY. This meant that people of all social classes were breaking the law and thus normal rules about
1.2.3=Lesson 1.Resource 2. Question 3

3 crossing the lines of gender,

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