Dance Class Analysis

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Dance 5 was an organized and well-taught class. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. This class provided me the basics that most beginning dancers should know. The dance movements were simple and easy to learn, but at times difficult to show. There are so many techniques to learn and to be utilize. It just takes time and practice to take in the steps, proving you understand all the tiny details about every movement. Time will tell the process you will make in this class.

I enjoyed this class and learned a lot about dancing. I believe the main idea of the class was to build on technique and work on personal weaknesses. On day one, I was a very shy person. I would not talk to anyone, but just worry about myself. When we learned the first couple steps, I was actually pretty scared. I thought I would have messed up, which I did. It was hard at first, but time and lots of practice proved me wrong. I slowly understood and noticed the little details in each specific technique. An example I had trouble with balancing on my toes. I tried my best to practice them on the weekends after class. I got better at them. However, my best is not enough. I know I am good at that, but I would say I have the little, tiny
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All of the student taking the class are beginners and have no experience in this field. But, even though, we do not know, we try to help each other to succeed and help point out mistakes or comment on what we did well. Everyone is just so kind to each other and all the cheering people on just gives off a wonderful feeling to have. This dance class was a getaway from actual school and just relax. School and homework can be stressful sometimes. After this class, we could just work together and fill the openness with positive emotions. We all are in it together! In the end, we have the same goal to put our everything into one final performance, showing we know what we are
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