Dance In Latin America

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Music is the way people express their lives. Music is among several ways used to show diversity. At heart, music acts are the channel for humans to express themselves and others. It is a platform in which people establish a sense of belonging. The reality can be seen and associated with the emergence of thousands of musical cultures that have evolved in Latin America. Examples of these include the slave who is recalling her ancestral spirits on a faraway continent, the local Aztec warrior who saw his ancient civilization crumble to dust, and the modern youth working hard to earn a living in modern urban ghettos. All these people were able to express themselves freely through their music.
History of Latin America dancing
Long before people came to know about rumba or salsa dance, the ancient people of both South and Central America were developing what is currently known as the Latin dance. These styles of dances were profoundly influenced by the European and the African modes of dancing in both the movements and the music used. The dances had the following characteristics/beginnings in the olden days;

Ritualistic beginning
As early as the 16th century, the explorers and sea-goers like Vespucci who had traveled the globe came back home with stories of the natives who he had seen (Aztec and Inca). He was dazed with the way they were performing intricate dances.
The Aztec had precise dances that were structured and performed. The young people in the society were trained in

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