The Life of the Aztecs

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The Aztecs
As I read Daily Life of The Aztecs on the Eve of the Spanish Conquest, I discovered the Aztecs were a truly amazing society of people. In the book, Jacques Soustelle looks into Aztec culture, religion, education, and technology, just to name a few. He looks across the Valley of Mexico during the early 1500s. These Aztec people can be compared and contrasted with that of people in today’s society.
1) Much like societies today, the Aztec society was divided into social classes. Social classes can be thought of as layers in a pyramid. At the very bottom, the Aztecs would place their slaves. In the Aztec society, these people did not hold enough rank to even be considered a citizen. Therefore, someone could consider them property. Next, you have the chunk of the pyramid that would house a big majority of the people. These people have been called commoners or the common people, and are one step above the slaves because they possess the power to own land. They carry out the duties that are essential for daily life. From the commoners we move up to the craftsmen class. These are the men who have specialized skills. Next, we go to a small class of traders. In this case, traders are not every person individually that trades, but the heads of the foreign trade operations. Finally, at the very top of the pyramid is the ruling class. This class was held open only for the top Aztecs, which included priests and other high powered land owners.
2) With so many religious

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