Danger Of Mobile Phone Use

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Danger of mobile phone use Technology has been playing important roles in different areas such as industrial use, engineering purposes, and especially personal use nowadays. Its development has assisted to produce such convenient items in human society. Mobile phone is one of the greatest inventions of the advancement. In modern society, cell phones are held at least one per capita all over the world. There is a research date showing that 1,040.41 cell phones are used per 1,000 people in Australia in 2007. (Nation Master, 2017) This information proved that some individuals had more than one mobile phones in that year, moreover, the number of the cell phone usage positively have been increased by these days. It is obvious that the use of mobile phone is preferable and has variety of positive aspects because of these date from Nation Master. However, there are several potential risks related to the deep connection between the electronic device and human being in daily life. Mobile phones connect people to people worldwide regardless the distance between them. This would be the most beneficial feature of cell phones. People are able to talk to the others with cost free recently using certain calling application like Whatsapp or Facebook. They even provide video calling which the users are eligible to show the exact view the people see to the call receivers. It also does not cost anything. Texting is another time efficient activity. Phone calls normally keep the
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