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Dangers Involved with Internet Usage

The Internet today is constantly advancing and expanding. Over the last several years it has changed the way that we learn, communicate, shop and conduct business. Although there are many advantages to the Internet, there are also many serious problems that occur with Internet use. Some of the problems of the Internet include, cyberstalking and identity theft and Internet addiction. Although the Internet cannot be blamed for the creation of these problems, using the Internet as a tool has made these problems bigger. The term cyberstalking was unknown to most people ten years ago, however due to lower costs and the increased access to computers, today it is a commonly used …show more content…

Cyberstalkers often pretend to be someone else and get their victims to open up to them and share personal information with them. These thieves can then use the information to do a number of things. They can open a new credit account using your name, date of birth, and Social Security number and use your card, not pay the bill and it is reported to your account. They can call your credit card company change the address obtain a new card and use it. They can even establish phones in your name or open up bank accounts and write bad checks on that account. (Netscape)

There are several way that you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of cyberstalking and identity theft over the Internet. Some tips include:
*Do not share personal information in public spaces anywhere online, nor give it to strangers, including in e-mail or chat rooms. Do not use your real name or nickname as your screen name or user Id. Pick a name that is gender and race neutral. And do not post personal information as past of any user profiles.
*Be extremely cautious about meeting online acquaintances in person. If you do choose to meet, do so in a public place and take along a friend.
*Make sure that your ISP and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network have an acceptable use policy that prohibits cyberstalking. And if you network fails to respond to your complaints consider switching to a provider that is more responsive to user complaints.
*If a situation online becomes

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