Dangers of the Internet Essay

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Dangers of the Internet

There are many pitfalls and perils on the Internet. Some of them are easy to avoid while other are not so obvious. Some of the Pitfalls and perils are annoying, while others are deadly to your computer. Still others are humorous and entertaining. There are many dangers on the Internet. This paper will try to cover some of them.

The biggest dangers of the Internet are virus. Viruses are small programs that "infect" computers. Most viruses are made to "steal" and or "destroy" data stored on the infected computer. Viruses, that destroy data, write their code into a file and when that file is accessed it rewrites itself in to more files until the virus corrupters or "infects" a file that the computer needs to run …show more content…

E-mailed Viruses are harder to avoid. Opening an attached file can trigger them or by touching the message that contains the attached file and then the file menu bar of the E-mail program. (Email Hole Exposes Computers) The seconded way to start a virus is because of a hole in Netscape’s mail program and also MS’s Outlook. A new way for Viruses to be spread by E-mail is to put the whole code for the virus in the subject line that way when the computer read the subject line it unwittingly activated the virus. The newest way for people to get viruses is through the web pages. This is done by putting the virus code into a script on the web page, now when the page is accessed the viruses executes the viruses code. (Virus Thrives on HTML) This can make a virus very prolific if a lot of people visit the web page.

Crackers use viruses for their destructive ways. Crackers are people who go out of their way to cause damage to other peoples systems through the use of viruses and direct hacking. Crackers are not hackers. Calling a Cracker a hacker is like comparing a red delicious apple to a golden delicious apple. Hackers are computer enthuses that hack, break in to, systems in order to learn about the system. Hackers as a rule do not do any damage to the system. Crackers are the ones to give hackers bad repartitions. Crackers use virus

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