Dangers Of Affirmative Action Or Positive Discrimination

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What is Affirmative Action or also known as, “Positive Discrimination” according to the article? Affirmative Action or Positive Discrimination is when an education institution or organization enrolls/accepts applicants based on the applicants race. The article states, colleges and universities want to have diversity within the campus because it either looks good amongst other educational institutions or also, help the campus it self. If taken under consideration, being diverse can have many positive affects on individuals within the campus, such as expanding the knowledge of students by learning different cultures. The article also states the negative; it affects the applicants who want to be admitted but are denied due to their race.

In the article, “The Dangers of Affirmative Action” by the Iowa State Daily Editorial Board, the editorial board argues that affirmative action or positive discrimination should not be allowed. The board demonstrates this by
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The board explains that affirmative action has increased the enrollment of African Americans by 14 percent and Hispanics by 13 percent. Affirmative action also increased the, “National numbers” according to the Iowa State Daily Editorial Board. The board then states, as much as affirmative action is doing well, it’s doing nearly as much damage. The damage is the unfairness. The board refers to the case of Asians getting accepted into Ivy League schools. Although the applicants had comparable test scores, Asians were getting rejected and the lowest acceptance rate because of the diversity and affirmative action issue.

All in all, the board states, “Despite the noble goals of affirmative action, we must be cautious that it does not harm the success of any individuals.” This being said, the board does not approve of affirmative action being used in application process to an educational
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