Dangers Of Life During The Great Depression

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“The familiar faces: pitted, seamed, lined, desperate, beaten, often shamed to be photographed with their poor possessions and their misery.” This was just one account of the daily life during the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, the terrors of that decade impacted everyone differently based on their age, wealth, and social position. 40 million people had no jobs. Almost the entirety of the United States, even the world, couldn’t provide for their family (1). The terrors that walked the streets, slept in homes, and enacted violence on citizens is something no one likes to speak about.

De·pres·sion - a long and severe recession in an economy or market. This is how the depression is defined, how adults see it, but children view the depression in a far less imposing way. Irving Louis Horowitz states that there are three main characteristics in poverty. The first is being denied a dime for the movies on Saturdays. Back in the 1930s movies were all day events. each week would be like an episode, with a cliffhanger near the end so you’d have to go back for more. Not being able to watch these cinematic videos revealed the fact that no one could spare anything, and showed that there is a price for everything, even happiness. These eight hour films would also give the parents much needed time alone, adults were
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From children to adults, from Argentina to Russia, we were all affected in some way or form. People were starving, being murdered, getting gassed, and living like dogs. America pulled out of the Depression and that shows that as long as we teach this to our children, we can thrive forever. The terrors that happened in that awful time will never truly be understood by our generation. We have to work so little by little this tragedy will never fade from our minds. We have so many resources at our fingertips, but we will never fully be able to comprehend the disaster that happened during this
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