Dangers Of Teen Pregnancy

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Pregnancy and sex-based diseases have become an unfortunate reality for teens in our society. Sexually active teens as young as 13 years old are contracting harmful and dangerous diseases that threaten their lives. Staggering amounts of teenagers, around three million, have unprotected sex, from which they unfortunately contract STDs (Besharov 1). While some teenagers do not know the dangers of unprotected sex, such as STDs, others just choose to ignore them (Basso 125). Teen pregnancy is also very prevalent all over the world. Even though teen pregnancy rates in the United States are at a low, teens that are not educated in safe sex are still at risk of becoming pregnant. Some teens are even getting pregnant, just so they do not lose their boyfriend, or for attention. While children are wonderful, many teens are not mentally and/or physically prepared for children so young. For many people, it is believed that many teens are pressured to have unsafe and dangerous intercourse by the media. Although some teens (13-19) have unprotected sex early on purpose, many are influenced by sex-based commercials and advertisements because of lack of contraceptive ads, parental control, and sexual content in movies and TV show. While some teens choose to have unprotected copulation, or intercourse, many are not aware of the dangers because of lack of contraceptive advertising. On primetime TV, an abundant amount of sexual content, without contraceptive ads, can be found. Commercials on

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