Danglars In The Secret Life Of Monte Cristo

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Monte Cristo seeks revenge on Danglars by using the purser’s love of money as a means to his ruins as well as by causing his imprisonment, since Danglars is the initial conspirator for Dantes’ imprisonment. On the Pharaon, Danglers is the pursuer while Dantes is the first mate, and from the very beginning of the novel Danglars is extremely jealous of Dantes, for “he was as much disliked by the crew as Edmond Dantes was liked by them” (2). Danglars’ initial offense against Dantes is that, out of his jealousy, he not only tries “to breathe some evil insinuation against his comrade into the shipowner’s ear” (7), but also writes a letter to the king’s attorney, accusing Dantes of Bonapartist action, which Fernand later delivers. Since Danglars …show more content…

Since Danglars “is inflexible where his own interest is concerned” (455), Monte Cristo arranges so that Vampa and Peppino are inflexible concerning the price of food and drink in …show more content…

For, Danglars does not care about anyone else’s honor or dishonor, since “it neither increases nor decreases [his] income” (365). Since Danglars is the “the guiltiest…the instigator” (106) against Dantes and convinces Fernand and Caderousse to join his conspiracy, he deserves the worst judgment from Monte Cristo; however, since the unexpected death of Edouard, Monte Cristo realizes that he may be acting out of line in accordance to God’s will and is going too far with his revenge plan. Thus, he shows mercy on Danglars in the hope that the Lord will show mercy on him. Therefore, concerning the extent of human and ultimate justice regarding his revenge on Danglars, Monte Cristo does not go to the same extreme of punishing Danglars as he initially plans, since, “having arrived at the summit of his vengeance after his slow and tortuous climb, he had looked down into the abyss of doubt”

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