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Dan Howell

Ever heard of a person who has stolen a helicopter? That thought is just bizarre right? How and who would even steal a helicopter? How about somebody who has just become famous and it all started with one YouTube video? That has to be a little bit more realistic than stealing a helicopter. But actually, they are both very real and include the same person. Well, welcome to Dan Howell’s life. Daniel James Howell was born on June 11, 1993 in Wokingham, England. He was apparently the happiest child ever he was told that he never stopped smiling and laughing. (youtube.wikia introduction. P. 1-2. ) He was very interested in musicals in primary and secondary school. He had a” dream log/ diary/ notepad” when he was younger. ( Howell p. 24-25 )
In his teen years he made a website that is still accessible to this day. ( Howell p. 20-21 ) He had made a MySpace account called danisnotonfire when he was thirteen. The username has no meaning behind it. ( Howell p. 124 ) He went to an all boys high school and got bullied. ( Howell p. 30-31 ) After high school he attended Manchester University studying law. He …show more content…

They made their first video together called “phil is not on fire” which is what actually started to make them famous. All they did was draw whiskers on their faces with sharpie and answer a selected pick of their fans questions off of social media. ( Howell p. 45) He later moved to Manchester with Phil in 2011. ( Howell p. 66 & 67) They also started two channels together. One is called DanandPhilGAMES, made in 2014, where they just record themselves playing video games. ( Howell p. 152-153) The other channel is called DanandPhilCRAFTS, made in 2015. They started it as an April fools joke as making “square flakes” or just square snowflakes. This year of 2016, in the April fools video, they had made “glitter

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