Daniel Orozco Orientation Summary

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The short story Orientation by Daniel Orozco is a humorous and very unique story. We all have been pulled through a long and tedious Orientation for many of different reasons. While being aligned for the position, leaders repeat the same phrases and information to make sure you understand the main point they are trying to get across. Orozco describes what seems to be an everyday orientation process, but Orozco uses elements to make fun and tease this experience we all can relate to. Throughout the story, Orozco’s uses descriptive ways of the stereotypical repetition the leader's use in their speech, humor, and how the rhythm of the story manipulates important moments and characters. He uses these in realistic and unrealistic ways to show the …show more content…

“This is a microwave oven. You are allowed to heat food in the microwave oven. You are not, however, allowed to cook food in the microwave oven” (628). Something that seems so miniscule to the everyday workplace is brought up and discussed and yet if you do not follow the rule, “You may be let go” (629). The amount of detail the leader goes into detail for simple tasks rather than larger tasks is ironic. In most work places you will …show more content…

During this stressful time, the leader of the orientation did take it too far by throwing his fellow employees under the bus, but by these remarks in the story Orozco uses the element of humor to turn this uneasy time into a relatable moment for the audience. One of character in Orientation who seems to stand out the most is one of the employees, Kevin, “Kevin Howard sits in the cubicle over there. He is a serial killer, the one they call Carpet Cutter, responsible for the mutilations across town” (630). It’s pretty obscene and very unrealistic that a serial killer would work in an office. But, The orientation leader is very chatty and garrulous, this makes this improper serial killer part of the story seem like normal office gossip and because of this Orozco creates a flow and fast paced beat of the story, it isn’t so unusual. Not much is said about the managers, but there is a lot said about the employees. This is because the managers are so involved with the company they don’t have a personal life. As well as the managers, the workers who have been with the company the longest, have the worst personal situations of them all. Through Orozco short story “Orientation,” he describes humorous, uncomfortable, and unprofessional situations in which the readers gets an insight on what he is about to experience in his new work place. Orozco bounces between,

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