Danvita: Cultural Diversity in a Danish MNC

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vitaCultural diversity in a Danish MNC Vasilisa Sayapina and Katya Christensen Introduction Workforce diversity is a complex phenomenon and a major challenge for HR managers in MNCs. The case presents a Danish MNC, Danvita (not its real name)that has committed to pursuing a diversity strategy. The essence of a diversity strategy is a commitment to providing equal opportunities for employees regardless of their gender, age, nationality, disability and political and sexual orientation. In this case our focus is on cultural diversity. Drawing on individual perceptions of Danvita employees this case explores how Danvita’s diversity strategy in relation to national culture is experienced by Danvita’s employees. Diversity as a strategic…show more content…
Its significance for inclusiveness means that it may alsofunction as a mechanism of exclusion of non-Danish speakers. This factor co-exists with Denmark’s membership of the European Union and its policy of welcoming well-qualified professionals to work in Denmark. Danvita and the HR challenges it is facing The aim is to create a culture where all employees feel valued and have the opportunity to reach their full potential(Diversity strategy, Danvita) Briefly about Danvita Danvita is the company that has been a leader in the industry in which it operates. Annual reports indicate increased profits for 2009-2011. In March 2012 Danvita had more than 32,800 employees worldwide distributed across affiliates and offices located in 75 countries. Just over 40 per cent of its employees are located in Denmark. In order to function successfully as a MNC Danvita believes that it has to attract, develop and retain competent people from any location in the world. In 2009 it started a diversity initiative. At the core of this initiative is the operational guideline for HR which states that the company will provide: “(…) equal opportunities to all present and future people, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, nationality, cultural and social origin, disability, political or sexual orientation and family status” (Danvita). In 2009 when diversity strategy was launched about 700 of Danvita’s

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