Policy in a helping organisation & the importance of equal opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice

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3.1.9 Outline a policy of a typical helping organisation (one local and one national offering help on an issue of your choice) The issue I am going to focus on is that of domestic abuse. My scenario would be of a young woman experiencing physical and emotional abuse from her partner. The two helping organisations I am focussing on are Women’s Aid as the national organisation and Telford and Wrekin’s Domestic Violence / Women’s Refuge as the local organisation. They both have many policies designed to safeguard and protect. I am primarily looking at the policy of good practice. Women’s Aid aims to “To increase safe choices for women and children experiencing domestic violence where substance misuse is also an issue To raise…show more content…
So the BACP says “Our aims are to be supportive, fair, just and free from discrimination. In line with these objectives, we will challenge discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, age, disability, sexuality and faith; actively promote Equality and Diversity; and ensure that the legislation and policy requirements within the six strands of Equality and Diversity are implemented into all our working practices” It is a working document that should be adhered to and used in the practice of counselling plus support workers also need to uphold and work to the policy. Any variance from the policy needs to be challenged so , again the BACP suggest “Our vision for Equality and Diversity goes beyond establishing processes to achieve change. As part of our interaction with our staff, members, member institutions and suppliers, we will endeavour to be pro-active and monitor progress made towards meeting our objectives to: • Encourage diversity and eliminate unfair treatment and discrimination through a full range of human resource and contracting policies and procedures. This applies not just to areas of internal recruitment, training and development and promotion, but also in monitoring adherence to the equality and diversity legislation and promoting the same to our suppliers and contractors. • Recognise that staff have rights as employees to work in a supportive, safe and harassment-free environment
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