Data Analysis and Application for Unit 9 Essay

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Data Analysis and Application Unit 9

Section 1
The research article writer used for this assignment was one on heavy metal music and adolescent suicidality. The participants were adolescents in high school, 121, between tenth to twelfth graders from the Midwest. The scales of measurement that were used in this study were,RFL(Reasons for Living Inventory, a music survey, and SRQ (Suicidal Risk Questionnaire).The journal article is relevant to my area of specialization, of child and adolescent developmental psychology, because it involves adolescents and their well-being.
Section 2
The researchers in the article used ANOVA, they hypotheses that heavy metal fans had weaker reasons for living, overall, than …show more content…

The major question posed in the study was whether heavy metal music fans are more vulnerable to suicide, the hypothesis was supported, the hypothesis was further supported from findings that a significantly greater percentage of heavy metal music fans, compared to non-fans thought about killing themselves (Scheel & Westefeld, 1999).
Section 5
The conclusion from the statistical test supports the findings of the hypothesis. Writer however does not necessarily agree wholeheartedly with the research article. Writer feels they are some limitations to the study, it does not account for other factors in the adolescents life, besides their chose in music that may lead to suicidal thoughts and feelings. There could be several factors that could be the cause of the suicidal thinking, attempts, problems at home, abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, problems in school. Writer feels these teens may seek out this kind of heavy metal music because these negative themes reflect their feelings about their life in general (Scheel & Westefeld, 1999). Also it was never discussed in the findings if any of these adolescents had any previous mental health inpatient admissions, and how long they were in the care. It could be many of these teens were clinically depressed for a long period of time, and been in and out of hospital, treatment facilities, and never truly had there depression adequately under control ,had therefore it was just a matter of

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