Data Mining Research On Text Mining

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Mining valuable patterns in different data streams have been a significant research area in data mining research during the last decade. There are several proposed techniques for data mining that have been developed for mining patterns from different text documents. But to determine the method in which the patterns are discovered effectively is a popular issue in data mining research including text mining area. Most of the popular methods in text mining make use of term-based methodology which involves problems like synonym and polysemy. Some research on text mining proves that the pattern based or phrase based approach performs better compared to the term-based approach but there is no concrete evidence to prove this point. The main intention of this paper is to develop an innovative and effective way of pattern discovery that focus mainly on the pattern deploying process and pattern development process to use and update the discovered pattern. The paper describes and demonstrates the experiments and its result on various data collection and text retrieval topics to support the performance in text mining.

Keywords: Pattern Evolution, Text Mining, Pattern Mining, Text Classification and Information Filtering.

1.0 Introduction
There is considerable number of techniques presented for data mining are available in the industry to perform various mining task which includes frequent itemset or dataset mining, association rule mining, closed pattern mining, maximum…
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