Data Standards And Public Health Information

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Data standards are a means of creating terms and methods that are common/universally understood which will assist in the efficient exchange of public health information (O 'Carroll et al, 2010). Health Level Seven (HL7) and its individuals give a structure (and related principles) for the exchange, reconciliation, sharing, and recovery of electronic health data. These measures characterize how data is packaged and conveyed between involved parties. It sets the dialect, structure and information type needed for consistent integration between systems. HL7 principles bolster clinical practice and the administration, conveyance, and assessment of health services, and are perceived as the most generally utilized in the world ( Creating and utilizing uniform information measures has been found to be one of the significant difficulties of public health organizations as they advance toward the utilization of electronic trade of information rather than the paper form they have been utilizing (O 'Carroll et al, 2010). Health information is vastly available not only to health professionals but also to the layman. The growing use and availability of the internet has permitted and facilitated the distribution of information. However, without proper data standards by which public health institutions can abide by, there will be a lag in their ability to share and capitalize on the use of health information. A communal approach to representing and exchanging public health data…
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