Data Warehouse : A Company 's Information Accessible And Consistent

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The purpose of a data warehouse is to make the company’s information accessible and consistent. They need to have the information immediately available and in the same format. Warehousing is of no benefit to a company if they have to wait any length of time to receive the data. A warehouse has to be an adaptive and durable source of information for the business. The warehouse has to be flexible to meet the needed changes of a business, as the business grows; it is possible that additional information will need to be collected. The warehouse needs to have the ability to expand to meet the needs of the business. Warehousing would not be beneficial to a business if they have to seek a new warehouse source each time a change was needed; it would be costly for a business. A data warehouse must be a secure stronghold that protects the information, which is regarded as an asset to the business. In today’s society it this the utmost concerned of a business to make sure that their systems are not easily hacked by outsiders and their customer’s data is secured. Lastly, a warehouse is considered the foundation for decision making. It is the data that is retrieved from the system that is compiled for presentation to the decision makers of the company. The processes of a data warehouse are extracting, transforming, loading, indexing, quality assurance checking, release/publishing, updating, querying, data feedback, auditing, securing and backing up and recovering of data…
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