David Hume Research Paper

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Throughout the Philosophers that were studied this semester, Karl Marx, David Hume and Rene Descartes influenced me in so many ways. One. Human nature, Two. Happiness, and Three. existentialism. Each one of them I evaluated and determined that They all had some type of connection to the world. When I considered David Hume, he gave us an understand concerning human understanding. He gave us the perception, later memory of perception and imagining a perception. Imagination goes a long way and he thought that thoughts can instantaneously take limitless directions. Part of the goal is to set the limits to the human understand and debunking religious superstition and speculations. Hume want to formulate the simple and the comprehensive principles describing human understand and a behavior. Hume though that society would be best governed by a general system of laws. He was less concerned on the form of the government who administered the laws. …show more content…

He stated that that socialism became known as a communism or Marxism. He predicted that the main issue we have is because of capitalism. He also believed that socialism would end the results of capitalism. This is where alienated works formed. He believed that the workers should revolt and take over the means of production. This type of workers produced products for the greedy capitalist. This would fall under the existentialism. This is not human nature, we shouldn’t face the fact that we are in a prideful and disgusting type of society. Today society, Karl’s theories match our society now because nothing has changed whereas the richer gets richer and the poor get poorer. The U.S keeps working on our issues with the means of production but nothing is being done to fix

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