David Livingstone: A Pioneer Medical Missionary In Africa

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David Livingstone was a pioneer medical missionary in Africa. Through the call of God, he ventured out into the deepest parts of Africa, where "no man had gone before" the aid the sick with medical help. And although he only converted one man to Christ in his lifetime, he undeniably advanced the kingdom of God.
On March 19, 1813 in Blantyre, Scotland David Livingstone was born. He would be the second of seven children born to his parents Neil and Agnes Livingstone. His father was a door to door salesman who sold tea for a living. This job was not profitable, and when David was only ten years old he and his brother began to work fourteen-hour jobs at a cotton factory along with attending school. Although his family had little, Neil Livingstone
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David was a medical and pioneer missionary who sought to seek the salvation of people physically and spiritually, and find more easy routes so other missionaries could travel to unreached people. Livingstone's first missionary station was in the Mabosta village where he set up a medical tent to treat the people and preach the gospel. On his second trip he learned the Bachauna and Bakwain's native tongue Bantu. And like most missionaries he often mixed up the meaning of words. Once when he was preaching on sin he was actual talking about the dangers of cow manure. During this time, he became good friends with Chief Sechele of the Bakwain tribe, who was actually his first and only convert to Christianity. Although Chief Sechele did struggle with magic and polygamy the people listened to his message and many came to Christ because of him. Livingstone ended up marrying Robert Moffat's oldest daughter Mary in 1845 and together they had six children. Because of his work he barely had time to spend with his family. His wife, Mary, was sicky and died trying to follow him around Africa. One of his regrets later in life was that he was not able to spend a lot of time with his
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