David Mamet

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Del was born on April 4th 1910, to a rather average family at the time. His father was eventually drafted into the war and his mother had to work to keep the house in tact. Del always knew he was different and often times kept to himself. He found a love in books and after his father was declared mission in action, he found himself cutting himself off from society and delving deeper into his books. He was always a caring child with little to know friends. His mother however, cared for him and allowed him to stay in his room reading all day. During his adolescent years, he was bullied for having being thought as homosexual which he in fact was. They called him “dainty”, “girly”, “a Fairy”, and many more derogatory obscenities. Del grew up to become a librarian but not…show more content…
His character is shrouded in mystery to the audience and is the missing link to this puzzle that Mamet has created. Not much is known about him and is rather rounded at first, he’s always in the background in a sort of ominous way. He doesn’t go through a major change during the first act but becomes more pathetic and guilty as the play progresses and becomes more rounded. The fact that he had the war knife, can’t remember the photo where he wore Robert’s shirt, knew about his affair all along and his hinted homoesexuality connect to the overall play and help to decode it even more. His change is small but progressive which reflects how he’s been his entire life. I enjoy playing him due to his caring nature that allows for him to be a pushover. He’s a 36 year old who has no record of being a woman and spends his time in a library and drowning in paper to distract himself from his loneliness. It’s one of the reasons he wants to be Jane’s father figure and help the family during this confusing time. He’s lame but he has so knows so much that nobody else does which in turn makes him react to situations differently than the entire
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