Dawit Isask´s Daughter Fight for Fairness Essay

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After 12 years of Dawit Isaak’s indefinite detention, his daughter Betlehem decided that enough is enough. Betlehem was tired of the Swedish politicians who said that they were gonna help Isaak but yet didn’t do anything besides saying that they would. She also was tired of the Eritrean government who had imprisoned Isaak without a trial. Betlehem was furious, she came to the conclusion that nobody was gonna do shit for her and her family.
The only option left was to take the matter in her own hands. Betlehem was by this time only 20 years old but she was determined to get her dad out of prison or at least get him a fair trial.

Betlehem was about to write history…

Since she and her family at the time was living in Gothenburg, Betlehem …show more content…

The petition got 131,274 signatures and Bodström was forced to take this seriously, but as expected he didn't do much. As previous Prime Ministers he didn't even visit Eritrea to meet with the Eritrean government, all he did was to publicly speak about Dawit Isaak and that it's horrible that a man can lose all his basic human rights for no apparent reason. His speech got standing ovations from the 12,000 people who had come to Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. But besides a scripted speech that was made for Bodström to look good, nothing new happened regarding Isaaks situation in Eritrea. Nobody even knew if he was alive anymore. There were rumors surrounding that Isaak may have been beaten to death but Betlehem didn't listen to those rumors. She knew deep down that her dad was a strong man and would survive.

Even though Betlehem and Jacob had got a little family of their own with 2 wonderful kids, the hole after her dad was still huge. The 2 kids who were 4 and 2 years old had often wondered where their grandfather was. This put a lot of pressure on Betlehem and Jacob, what was they supposed to tell them? That a corrupt government had imprisoned their grandfather without giving him a trial and that he was in solitary confinement? They stuck to the story that Dawit Isaak was on a "long vacation". Betlehem realized that nothing was gonna get done from

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