Day After Tomorrow Belonging

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The survey result shows that The Day After Tomorrow did increase my respondee’s awareness of climate change as the avenge score she gave was 4.75, implying an obvious influence on her.

On the one hand, the film visualises and presents a possible future to its audience. According to Bill Nichols (2001), fictions are documentaries as well as they reflect those who produce them, the cultures and values which are not unfamiliar to their audience. Although The Day After Tomorrow was produced as a blockbuster with exaggerated effects, it was based on a believable theory of abrupt climate change, which increased its sense of reality. As my respondee wrote, “Using only words and images is not immersive enough. The visual shock and profound meanings
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Without the cover of climate change, The Day After Tomorrow is a film about family and love, which its audience can easily connect to. Watching the scenes where characters lose their love ones, the audience can be emotional related. As Professor Hall speaks on the UN conference on global warming, “If we do not act soon, our children and grandchildren will have to pay the price”, the idea of climate change is related to children. It does not effect only one generation but more, drawing people’s attention of the importance of climate change. Also, in the film different people all suffer from the disasters, making each individual feel responsible for climate change and understand that it is not only related to scientists. For example, my respondee expressed that she thought “everyone on the Earth is responsible for the climate change” as we all enjoy the benefits of nature. Moreover, in the film the environment is put on the opposite position of economy. Vice president refuses Professor Hall’s advice because “it would cost the world’s economy hundreds of billions of dollars”, but in the end the disastrous results prove him wrong, which might change its audience’s attitude towards environment and money.

In conclusion, The Day After Tomorrow may increases its audience’s awareness of climate change with its convincing visualisation of the disasters climate change causes
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