Daybreak: A Narrative Fiction

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There was nothing left anymore. The once vivacious city laid in shambles. Rows of concrete, gravel streets, and deserted souls engrossed the city. After the tremors and separation, the Others thought the ocean had swallowed us. Little did they know, we were thriving on our own. Then, they uncovered us. In order to stay hidden, we resorted to doing cyclic jobs in dark blocks of dirt walls. We could not longer escape the four perimeters of our lives: those four walls. “Blaze! Get to work. You have to get the books done. You have to keep up the pace!” Cato, the house leader, howled as I snapped out of my daze. “Why do we need to keep records? You kill us anyway,” I mumbled under my breath. “If you keep on that attitude, I will kill you.…show more content…
I couldn’t sleep. My ears would ring from silence. The commotion of the old city would haunt my ears. I yearned for the noise. I yearned for the old Ainrofilac. By daybreak, the bags under my eyes were bigger, and my heart was heavier. I picked my feet up and dragged myself back to work. That day was The Choosing. Avi looked at me in concern. “The Choosing,” I trailed off as I walked to my desk. No longer did I need to think in order to work, my hands did the writing on their own. An abandoned soul was what I was. Ainrofilac was an unwanted drug soaring through my veins, and the chemicals were killing me. Hours passed as I waited on the edge of my seat. At 12:00, Cato, and the other house leader, Lex, began to call us back one by one. There, they would tell us if we were the Chosen, or if we survived another year. The weakest and most rebellious ones were always the Chosen. When the clock struck 12:00, the siren sounded, and the first name was called, Lena. Ten minutes passed and the next name was called: Blaze and Avi. Names? We’re always called back individually. Never were two people called at once. Avi and I made eye contact as we nervously marched to Cato’s
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